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Legal Notice

Wedding Filmmaker

Adam Bouchaffra

Siret - 843 465 493 00016

Terms and conditions

Article 1 - Right to the image
By signing this agreement, the Bride and Groom agree that certain videos/photographs and/or video teasers may be used on the Videographer's communication media (website, brochure, book, RS...), it being understood that the videos/photographs will not be used for purposes likely to harm the persons represented. No use will be made by the Videographer outside of his own communication needs.

Article 2 - Cancellation
In the event of "force majeure", if the Videographer finds himself unable to provide the agreed service, he shall inform the Married Couples of this fact and shall immediately reimburse the deposit paid for the reservation. The Videographer undertakes to contact another videographer to provide the service. However, it may be difficult to find, in a short time, a professional videographer to replace him at the same rate and the same level of quality. In case of impossibility to find an alternative, no compensation can be claimed to the Videographer. In case of cancellation by the Bride and Groom, the deposit will not be refunded. Any change in the date of the service shall constitute a cancellation of this contract. If the Videographer is available for the new date, he will propose a new contract and the deposit will be reused. The Videographer may not be held responsible if he is unable to provide the service on the new date set.

Article 3 - Responsibilities of the Videographer
Any technical incident will not give any right to compensation. In the event of loss of the videos due to a technical or material failure, no compensation may be claimed and no proceedings may be brought against the Videographer, consequently the Videographer undertakes to refund the sums paid by the beneficiaries.

Article 4 - Obligation of the parties
- In the case of a religious/secular celebration, the Bride and Groom undertake to obtain the prior agreement of the person in charge of the liturgical service on the principle of authorization to photograph and film. In case of refusal of the latter, the Videographer cannot be held responsible for the non-performance of his mission during the ceremony. For his part, the Videographer undertakes to carry out his mission without disturbing the course of the ceremony.
- The Bride and Groom agree that the person in charge of the animation (DJ) will not use laser lights that will irreparably damage the sensors of the cameras. If this is not the case, the Videographer cannot be held responsible for the non-performance of his mission and any damage caused will be taken in charge by the Bride and Groom (repair of the damaged material).
- If the service begins before noon, the Videographer requires at least 30 minutes to eat and to meet with his or her potential crew member. If the service continues into the evening, the Bride and Groom agree to provide the Videographer and his potential crew member with an evening meal.
- Finally, the Bride and Groom agree to provide the music they wish to hear in their film, at the latest 1 week before the wedding date.

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